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We make you alive

Our vision is fill in the gaps which have existed and still exist in the fitness industry, Todays academies are places which produce mindless drones to work in a very limited environment and restrict the potential for growth  of any fitness professional, we believe in providing knowledge in such a way that the students can keep upgrading and learning further once they are done studying with us, we create a strong foundation for further learning and eventually growth, we function as an Academy to open a new world of opportunities and give exposure to new fitness professionals and help them see and become more than just a trainer or just a Nutritionist, we not only develop technical skills but also communication and presentation skills crucial to survive and excel in the industry.

Our Objectives

We make you alive

We believe in fitness is not about being better than someone else, its about being better than you used to be"


Each step takes you closer to your Goal


Don't wish for it work for it


You don't have to eat less, you just have to eat right


It never gets Easier, you just get Better

Training Programs

We make you alive

General And Personal Training

Job responsibilities of a general and personal trainers are fairly different and so we address the difference in this course. We understand presentability is a very important factor for success in this industry making sure we don’t leave any stone unturned in creating a complete fitness professional ready to make positive change in lives of many.The key highlights of the course are: as.

Introduction to the fitness industry
Science of the human body covering anatomy and physiology
Exercise biomechanics
Concepts of sports nutrition
Aspects of being fit and various muscle groups
Most efficient and safe exercises under expert guidance
Language proficiency and grooming at aviation standards

Special Population Trainer

This course aims to fully develop an elite and an advanced level of fitness professionals. As many clients fitness professionals deal with either suffer or have had some medical issues, this advanced level course equips trainers how we as fitness professionals can help treat, restore and help in the recovery process.Key highlights of the program:

Knowledge to deal with medical issues on the gym floor
Special precautions and specially developed workout protocols
Detailed functioning of human body how diseases occur how to prevent them
Fundamentals of postural correction and rehabilitation
Advanced level of fitness professionals skills

Sports Nutrition Course

This course teaches you how to build an athlete on a nutritional front, here we teach the fundamentals of sports nutrition and the requirements of training individuals according to their training intensity. We deal in depth with supplementation and various diet protocols, we teach you to develop nutrition protocols for various individuals according to their needs.Key highlights of the program:

Fundamentals of sports nutrition
In depth study of supplementation and various diet protocols
Develop nutrition protocols for training individuals
Preparation of a diet protocol

Sports Specific Training

We are the only ones proudly conducting this course on all forms of performance enhancement aids required by competing professionals we teach development of specific and highly specialised training and nutrition programs for sports and actively competing athletes.

Details about performance enhancement aids.
Development of specific and highly specialised training and nutrition programs
Specialize in sports and actively competing athletes
Detailed first aid procedures for specific problems
Selecting exercise for specific conditions
Postural correction techniques
Injuries common to specific sports

Why US!

We make you alive

  • Unique never before in the industry Personality Development and Language Enhancement included in the course so you deliver what a true Fitness Professional must
  • Very Concise to the point study material so you learn exactly what is required to be a fitness professional
  • In depth knowledge provided with a lot of personal attention
  • Easy to understand and very manageable study material provided to every student
  • Highly specialised lectures on Sports Specific Training and Performance Enhancement
  • A Detailed Overview of how gyms work and their management so you can enter any job responsibility the fitness industry has to provide
  • Learn from a wide variety of experienced lecturers who are in various fiels of the fitness industry

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